Most Memorable Moments 2010

2010 has been our best year to date here at Significant Events. With 30 completed events, we are so proud to have been able to partner with so many outstanding vendors and create wonderful memories for all of our beloved clients. It was almost impossible to choose our favorite moments of the year because there were so many great ones, but here they are!

MOST MEMORABLE VENUE: Nasher Sculpture Center (Dallas, TX)There are few venues in Dallas that I love more than the Nasher Sculpture Center. If you are blessed with good weather, as we were for Lindsay & Dave’s wedding, the sculpture garden truly transforms into a magical place in the evening. And when I heard that Lindsay wanted to do long tables instead of rounds and we got to design a gorgeous table of white hemstitch linens from BBJ Linen with gorgeous, fresh “woodland” centerpieces filled with cymbidium orchids from Cebolla Fine Flowers? Swoon. I don’t know which one of us loved the look more! (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)

MOST MEMORABLE MEAL: Provided by Gil’s Elegant Catering
For Michael & Dash’s summer wedding in Rosine Hall of the Dallas Arboretum, we were treated to a delicious bevy of food stations provided by Gil’s Elegant Catering. The evening began with passed hors d’ourves of Lobster Club Sandwiches, Chicken Salad on Masa Shortbread, and Pork Tenderloin on Sweet Potato Pancakes. Dinner stations consisted of a Kobe Beef Burger Station with Gourmet Potato Chips; a Fondue Station which also included Ahi Tuna, Parma Ham & Asparagus, and Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes; a Carving Station with Roasted Herb Crusted Sirloin and Ricotta & Spinach Stuffed Chicken; and a Three Cheese Macaroni Station with a variety of toppings! My mouth is watering as I type this! (Photo by Jamye Perelli)

MOST MEMORABLE UNIQUE FOOD ITEM: Stephanie’s Champagne Snow Cones
For “Stephanie’s Surprise 40th Birthday Spectacular” we pulled out all the stops and created an over the top adult carnival that guests absolutely loved! By far, the favorite food item that night was the Champagne Snow Cones! Simple shaved ice with a variety of snow cone syrups mixed with champagne was a yummy twist on a childhood favorite! (Photo by Hannah Piles)

MOST MEMORABLE EVENT DESIGN: Czars of VinylFor the launch party of audio/video/DJ company Czars of Vinyl, Significant Events transformed Marc Events into an underground Russian night club. Guests entered the venue to see modern lounge furniture and tables provided by Cort Event Rentals. Cocktail waitresses provided by Jen Caroll Marketing wore Russian snow bunny outfits as they served 42 Below Vodka cocktails. Guests entered the main event space through red velvet draping provided by Quest Drape. More urban furniture from Cort filled the room, and custom made Russian centerpieces created by Significant Events sat on every table. 2 bars provided by Cort with vinyl logos from Shag Carpet flanked either end of the room as did funky Gogo cages provided by M&M Event Rentals. Even the dancers themselves, provided by Jen Carroll Marketing, were part of their decor in their outfits hand selected by Significant Events and branded by Orange Spot Pink Nose. And, of course, no nightclub can be complete without awesome lighting, provided that evening by Beyond. сказочные! (Photos by Phase 3 Photography).

For “A Wedding for All Seasons: An Evening with Sasha Souza,” Beyond transformed the Wedgwood Ballroom at the Hilton Anatole Hotel into a truly “seasonal” experience. With the tabletops and centerpieces designed around the 4 seasons and the meal representing the 4 seasons as well, Beyond complemented the entire experience by pinspotting the gorgeous centerpieces from Out of the Garden and using color washes on the wall which gradually changed colors 4 times throughout the evening. The result was beautiful and memorable! (Photo by Nick Mallouf)

This truly breathtaking altar was created by the amazing designers at Out of the Garden for Sara and Wes’s wedding at The Parson’s Table in Aledo. Sara said that she had always dreamed of a “flower filled wedding,” and, boy, did she get one. Her romantic, country wedding was adorned from top to bottom, from bouquets to centerpieces, from Out of the Garden. It was hard to choose which of their work from that day was my favorite, but this altar arrangement took the cake. Stunning! (Hampton Morrow Photography)

MOST MEMORABLE BRIDAL BOUQUET: created by Bows and Arrows
Bows and Arrows created this gorgeous bouquet for Kelly and Devin’s wedding, recently featured in D Weddings magazine. Both Kelly and I literally gasped when it was delivered, and it was the perfect bouquet for the Kelly’s vintage style and her pale yellow and pink color scheme. Kelly described it as “the most beautiful bouquet she had ever seen.” You can’t ask for more than that!

Our vintage and modern bride Amanda loved these Chartreause bridesmaids dresses she selected for her attendants along with their plum colored shoes, and so did we! When paired with the garden party/woodland atmosphere for her and Matt’s April wedding ceremony, The Urban Blossom created bouquets that tied everything together and didn’t balk at the bold bridesmaids’ dress color. The result was perfectly designed perfection! (Photo by Colleen Allison for Capture! Studios)

MOST MEMORABLE CENTERPIECES: created by Out of the Garden
For “A Wedding for All Seasons: An Evening with Sasha Souza,” Out of the Garden created a variety of magnificent centerpieces which represented the 4 seasons of the year and flowed seamlessly around the room. Guests were awestruck as they entered the room and saw their incredible work! (Photo by Nick Mallouf)

MOST MEMORABLE WEDDING CAKE: created by Fancy Cakes by Lauren
Absolutely loved this masterpiece created by Fancy Cakes by Lauren for Sara and Wes’s wedding. The brooches were antiques belonging to Sara’s grandmother, and Lauren’s lace detailing perfectly matched the “burlap and lace” look we had created for the wedding as well as Sara’s beautiful lace gown. And it was a lemon champagne flavor to boot! Mmm mmm. (Hampton Morrow Photography)

MOST MEMORABLE “NON WEDDING” CAKE: created by Sweet Art Bakery
For this year’s Sounds of the Season gala benefiting the Dallas Hearing Foundation, all I had to do was tell Sweet Art Bakery my color scheme and theme, and they let the creative juices flow! And the result was this winter wonderland beauty that guests oohed and ahhed at before getting to taste the chocolate mint cake that was contained inside the beautiful artistry of airbrushing, sugary snowflakes, and winter sparkle!


For “A Wedding for All Seasons: An Evening with Sasha Souza,” Significant Events used Sasha’s book “Signature Sasha” as inspiration for the design and branding. Quotes from the book were selected to describe the different elements of the event, and the creative geniuses at Orange Spot Pink Nose created a beautiful, cohesive design to brand the entire event. From the signs on the runway of the bridal gown models, to the signage adorning the centerpieces and cake table, to the program, to the menu card, to the bookmark party favor, to the vinyl appliques on the chargers that were all the rage, it was truly a great example of the power and artistry of successful branding and design. (Photo by Nick Mallouf)

MOST MEMORABLE BRIDAL GOWN: Lianne Collins Armpriester
Our fall bride Lianne looked absolutely radiant in her beautiful lace gown with satin and crystal waistband. Her wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Houston was also a reflection of her elegant style, but Lianne was radiant in this Allure gown (Photos forthcoming by Morgan Lynn Photography).

MOST MEMORABLE BRIDAL PHOTO: Tara Acton Page captured by Dorothy Gautreaux Photography

This adorable shot of Tara captured by Dorothy Gautreaux was a perfect tribute to her funloving personality and flowy, princess dress. The colorful bouquet created by Justine’s Flowers was a preview of the whimsical, color filled ceremony and reception that we created for her fall wedding at the Dallas Arboretum.

MOST MEMORABLE PHOTO OVERALL: Anna’s Dress captured by Lynn Michelle Photography
There were many fabulous photos to view from Courts and Anna’s wedding at Lakewood Theater, but this was my favorite. Lynn Michelle completely embraced the art deco wonder that is Lakewood Theater and took advantage of the trussing and lighting to capture this incredible image.

MOST MEMORABLE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: provided by the Texas Ballet Theater School
Though this photo is from last year’s event, for the second year in a row the Texas Ballet Theater School has graced the stage at Union Station for the Sounds of the Season gala, benefitting the Dallas Hearing Foundation, delighting guests with an amazing and fitting performance from The Nutcracker. This year they performed the “Snow Dance,” and it couldn’t have been more perfect for our Winter Wonderland theme. Guests rated the entertainment a 10+ on the event survey!

MOST MEMORABLE PARTY ATMOSPHERE: provided by Glenn Roush Productions

I always tell clients that the key to a great party at your wedding reception is an open bar, dim lighting, and a great DJ or band! Errin and Zach had the magical combination at their wedding reception, as DJ Glenn Roush kept the guests dancing for hours. And not only dancing! Singing arm in arm, serenading Errin, and even hoisting her over their heads in her chair. The look on her face is priceless, and the party continued all night long!

MOST MEMORABLE PARTY FAVOR: Tara & Josh’s Calculators
A colorful wedding? Check! Bride and groom are both accountants? Check! Wedding full of fun and whimsy? Check! I couldn’t believe I was able to find such a perfect favor for Tara and Josh’s wedding. How cute!

MOST MEMORABLE FUN MOMENT: Aviana’s Flipbooking Grandparents
Flipbook stations from PicFlips are always a huge hit at parties and weddings, but I never could have anticipated how much fun guests would have at Aviana’s flipbook station at her Sweet 16 at Bridlewood Golf Club. Young and old alike had a blast all night making fun flipbooks and, as you can see, even grandma and grandpa stepped up to the plate! (Laceymarie Photography)

Happy Holidays to you and yours, and we look forward to creating more memorable moments for our 2011 clients! Cheers!

As seen in D Weddings!

Our fun, vintage couple Kelly and Devin are featured in D Weddings Spring-Summer 2011 issue on newsstands now! Click here to check out the article and see more pictures in our “Weddings” section! »

Beautiful Bouquets!

Some of our favorite bouquets of the year!

featuring the work of Anthos Floral, April May June Flowers, Bows & Arrows, Cebolla Fine Flowers, Justine’s Flowers, The Lily Pad, Lush Couture Designs, May Flowers, Out of the Garden, The Urban Blossom, and Rainflorist Designs!

Entertainment Agencies: Your Partner in the Planning!

Whether you are looking to hire a single party band for your wedding or multiple acts for a corporate tradeshow, working with an Entertainment Agency is a must! Entertainment Agencies screen, hire, and manage professional entertainers of all genres in order to provide their clients with a perfect match to entertain and delight their guests, whatever the occasion. Besides the fact that most professional entertainers work with multiple agencies, they also book themselves individually and maintain their own websites and bookings. For this reason they are often hired directly by DIY brides and other clients in need of entertainment. As professional event coordinators, Significant Events always works directly with an Entertainment Agency no matter how small or how large the entertainment needs may be. Why not just work directly with the entertainment, you may ask? A recent, real-life example illustrates our reasons perfectly.

Recently, one of Significant Events’ Preferred Venues had a wedding where the bride had booked a band from Louisiana to perform at her wedding. The bride and groom were both from Louisiana, and music native to the state was very important to this couple. The band did not leave for Dallas until the afternoon of the wedding. On the way here, their van broke down and they TEXTED (oh my!) the bride and groom that they were not going to be able to arrive until 2 hours after the start of the wedding reception. Talk about a crisis! Luckily the Maid of Honor had the bride’s phone and told the wedding photographer what was happening. In a perfect example of the value of the team work and strong vendor networks that event professionals work hard to build, the wedding photographer sprung into action and called a DJ colleague and explained the situation. The DJ colleague, who was unavailable to come and help due to being across town working another wedding, called another DJ colleague, and that DJ dropped everything and headed immediately to the reception, in time to set up and be ready for guests to arrive for a bride and groom he had never met. While this was an excellent solution to this problem and the DJ did a wonderful job managing the reception under difficult circumstances, it did not change the fact that the bride and groom were extremely disappointed at the unfortunate situation and the lack of live music at their wedding that they had counted on and paid thousands of dollars for.

How could this situation been avoided with an Entertainment Agency involved? First and foremost, an Agency would have required the band to have arrived to Dallas the day before the wedding. That way if something like a vehicle breakdown did occur, there would most likely be time to fix the problem without the bride and groom even knowing a problem had occurred. Secondly, if for some reason the band was still not able to make it to the event, each Agency has a huge network of other bands who are comparable in style who could step in to play in the other band’s absence. The bride mentioned above was lucky that her photographer was so well connected and took the initiative to help her. Many would not be so lucky and would have been stuck without a band, without an emcee, without music at their wedding reception.

The fee you pay to an Entertainment Agency for booking and managing your entertainment is so miniscule compared to the peace of mind that is provided when hiring them. Events, such as your wedding, are far too important to leave to chance. Don’t underestimate the value of your event entertainment – it truly can be the “make it or break it” aspect of your wedding! Leave it to the professionals like the coordinators at Significant Events and the Entertainment Agencies we work with.

Beautiful Branding!

For the September Bi-Monthly Education Program of the Dallas Chapter of the International Special Event Society, renowed wedding designer Sasha Souza was featured as our keynote speaker and was promoting her new book Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design. Indeed the book did serve as inspiration for Significant Events’ design and coordination of the event! With the help of graphic design firm Orange Spot Pink Nose, we took quotes straight from Sasha’s book and branded them on virtually everything. The floral centerpieces, lighting, cake, menu, charger, party favors, bar sign, and signage for platforms containing models wearing wedding dresses all displayed an appropriate quote from the book. Guests loved the branding elements and they helped to make it a beautiful and educational evening all around!

Louise & Michael’s Wedding Design

Check out Louise & Michael’s one-of-a-kind wedding at the Crescent Court Hotel – featured on our Weddings page!

Design Inspiration: pink, gold, Chinese, origami, Crescent Court Hotel

Bringing Out the Kid in All of Us!

Significant Events loves when we get to plan birthday parties! It’s even more fun when we get to take a traditional children’s party theme and transform it into something entertaining for adults. We recently had a client wanting to throw his wife a carnival-themed Surprise Birthday Party. The team at Significant Events welcomed the challenge and worked with the client to transform all the elements of a carnival-themed birthday party: a champagne sno cone station, fresh-popped popcorn with gourmet toppings, a topsy-turvy carnival cake – we brought in basically everything but the elephant!! To entertain the guests throughout the evening, a strolling comedian and magician played games with the guests, a Flipbook station was available where guests could dress up and act goofy for 6 seconds of filming, and a Real World style video confessional booth was set up where guests could tell their favorite stories and secrets about the Guest of Honor.

Some other options we’ve incorporated into our parties include featuring a cigar roller, offering poker and blackjack tables, raffles and silent auctions, and wine & food pairings.