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Hot, Hot, Hot Colors!

My favorite trend this year is definitely the use of bright, hot colors that brides are using! Forget those muted tones, make a big bold statement with bold flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, and accents! Here are a few of our amazing clients who weren’t too cool to be hot!

Photography by Colleen Allison for Capture! Studios

Hampton Morrow Photography
Ben Garrett Photography

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Some of Significant Events’ 2009 work is currently being featured in the galleries at, a division of Wedding Wire.

In the Bouquet Gallery, you will see:

Lisa's Bouquet
Julie's Entry Piece

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Sounds of the Season Gala Centerpiece
Lisa's Altar Arrangements

In the “Cakes” Gallery, you will see:

Jon & Lisa's Cake
Louise and Michael's Cake
Elias & Hannah's Cake

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In the “Favors” Gallery, you will see:

Louise & Michael's Favors
Fred & Ruby's Favors

Most Memorable Moments 2009

2009 has been a fantastic year for Significant Events! We successfully completed 24 events for the year and can’t wait to see what 2010 will bring! With so many great events to choose from, it was tough to select the Most Memorable Moments, but here they are!

11-We're Married
The Jonsson Color Garden at the Dallas Arboretum was the perfect setting for Jessica & Ryan’s outdoor ceremony. No additional floral was needed as the Garden provided it’s own natural beauty! (Jules & Albie Photography)

Union Station will take your breath away! In fact, when I showed this room to my client for the Dallas Hearing Foundation’s Sounds of the Season gala, she burst into tears at how beautiful it looked! I also have to give props to Lumen Event Lighting for achieving this look on the ceiling! (Vim Studio Photography)

13-Sushi Chef
Kent Rathbun Catering provided the delicious meal for Jon & Lisa’s wedding. The menu included appetizers of Lobster Scallion Shooters, Thai Corn Battered Shrimp with Honey Soy Sauce, Tempura Vegetables, and sushi rolled on site by a Sushi Chef. Dinner included Baby Arugula Salad with Julienne Pears, Gorgonzola, and White Balsamic Vinaigrette; Garlic-Panko Crusted Chicken Breast and Baby Portobello Mushroom Pan Gravy
Wood Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Marsala Demi Glace with Grilled Asparagus and Smoked Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes. Yum yum! (Allison Davis Photography)

This masterpiece was created by Elena’s Cakes for Michael & Louise’s wedding, and we made it a centerpiece of the room! Not only was it beautiful to look at but it also tasted great and was their signature flavor: Champagne! (Allison Davis Photography)

11-Grooms Cake
Candy Haven created this fun cake for Chris & Kaitlin’s wedding to reflect the groom’s rock n’ roll lifestyle! I love the Pin Up girl detail! (Ashley Langford Photography)

8-Patterned Linens
This fun print was custom made by Jules Event Decor for Fred & Ruby’s wedding. When paired with the hot pink color scheme, it really made the room come to life and definitely reflected the bride’s personality (Sweet Memories Photography).

This was not the most expensive decor I did this year, but it was definitely the most fun and, not to toot my own horn, but it was created by Yours Truly! I had a great time custom designing these centerpieces for Cheryl’s 40th Birthday Party – each table reflected pictures of one of Cheryl’s favorite things. Thanks to Installation Floral for dressing them up! We also incorporated enlarged goofy pictures of Cheryl all over the event space and had Word Bubbles available for guests to leave their own commentary. It was a blast! (Roush Productions Photography)

Michael & Louise incorporated the traditional Chinese tea ceremony into their wedding reception. After Louise changed from her white wedding dress into a traditional red Chinese Qi Pao, the parents of the bride and groom were seated in the front of the room, and Michael and Louise served them tea with the help of an aunt who presided over the ceremony. It was very interesting and beautiful to watch! (Allison Davis Photography)

23-Dance Around Lauren
At Jonathan & Lauren’s wedding, once the dancing started, it never stopped! This crowd literally shut the venue down, thanks to their DJ Simply Music. One thing the couple did that helps keep the energy up was to provide late night snacks to their guests. Of course, the open bar didn’t hurt either! (Joseph Mark Photography)

These “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” were provided by Eclipse Entertainment for a corporate initiative celebration for Medco, and they were definitely the life of the party! They kept the crowd excited and posed for numerous photos with them. You’d never know they weren’t the real thing!

With Michel being a fireman, we couldn’t think of a better departure vehicle provided by a friend of the bride’s! Michel and Julie hung on the back of the truck as their guests waved them away to their future happiness! Definitely a memorable moment! (Allison Davis Photography)

I absolutely loved this bouquet created by Installation Floral for Jon & Lisa’s wedding. It was the perfect arrangement for an elegant backyard wedding. It was so natural looking, and Lisa loved it as well! (Allison Davis Photography)

5-Entry Piece
The Lily Pad and I have worked together on numerous events, but this was by far my favorite arrangement they have ever created. It was used at the entry to the church for Jeff & Lara’s wedding and guests couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. Of course, we moved it to the reception location as well, because I couldn’t let this piece go to waste! (Dorothy Gautreaux Photography)

12-Fountain 1
For the second year in a row, Absolute Entertainment provided spectacular lighting at Tucker Hill’s “Ghouls on the Lawn,” completely transforming the fountain area into a haunted extravaganza illuminated with color, fog, and motion. I always can’t wait for the sun to go down to see these lights in action! (Dallas Party Photography).


This logo, created by C.E. Collins Design for the Dallas Hearing Foundation’s Sounds of the Season gala, was just one piece of the entire graphics package created for this event. Also designed were e-Blasts, Underwriting Packets, formal invitations, and programs. We truly branded the entire event thanks to professional graphic design!

11-Orchid Centerpiece6-Program15-Groom's Cake
Kevin and Sarah were the king and queen of the “Do It Yourself” wedding, though you would never know it based on how fabulous everything turned out! Sarah created the invitations and the programs, but you never would have known they were not done by a professional graphic designer! Sarah’s friends got together and bought wholesale flowers to create the centerpieces, and Kevin showed his engineering side by creating his cupcake tower exclusively with Legos! (Nam Nguyen Photography)

1-Jessica in Hotel Room
I love how Jules & Albie captured the light for this elegant photo of Jessica. It looks so serene and like something right out of a magazine!

18-Kiss with Sculpture
This photo of Jonathan & Lauren by Joseph Mark is probably my favorite photo of the entire year. It was taken at the Nasher Sculpture Garden, and I love how he captured this intimate moment with the sprawling city in the background. Truly an iconic Dallas photo!

Nothing could have prepared me from this “let’s surprise everyone including the wedding coordinator” moment at Jeff & Lara’s wedding! Apparantly, it is a tradition that at each one of Jeff’s family events someone dresses up in this alligator costume, and the entire family does a choreographed dance, including rolling around on the floor, to “Wipeout.” It was totally hilarious, but I had to exclaim, “What the hell is going on?” (Dorothy Gautreaux Photography)

Thanks to everyone who helped to provide me and my clients with these memorable moments! Here’s to many more in 2010! Happy Holidays!

Real vs. Silk Flowers? Is There an Advantage?


2-Girls Flowers
It always surprises me when clients express an interest in using silk flowers for their weddings or events. You may be wondering, is there a financial advantage to using silk flowers over fresh? The answer is no. Here are some common arguments I hear in regards to using silk flowers.

While this is true, a skilled florist can treat your flowers and deliver them at the appropriate time to lessen the odds of them wilting. Your florist can also advise you about which types of flowers are most likely to wilt if you are having an outdoor wedding in extremely warm or cold temperatures, where flowers run the risk of freezing.

This is a common misconception. In fact, in most instances, silk flowers are more expensive. And then after your event, you are stuck with hundreds of silk flowers that you will never use again.

Perfectly understandable! Why not have your florist create a replica of your fresh flower bouquet for you to keep as a momento? Then you will have the benefit and beauty of a fresh flower bouquet for the ceremony and a silk bouquet as a keepsake. And, trust me, your bridesmaids are about as interested in preserving their silk flower bouquet as they are in rewearing their bridesmaid’s dress (no matter how practical you think that dress is!).

Fresh flowers can increase the elegance and beauty of any event, and silk flowers simply do not provide the same effect!

Significant Events Summer Showcase

As a thank you to those event vendors who have given referrals to me this year, I hosted a Summer Showcase event on August 26th so that other event coordinators and venue managers could come and meet some of the great people I have been privileged to work with! You can view pictures from the event on the photographer Allison Davis’s blog

Budget Saving Strategies for Your Event

Now more than ever, keeping your wedding or event on a tight budget is the norm. Clients are looking for ways to save and find the magical combination of cutting costs while not sacrificing quality. This month Bridal Guide magazine released an article entitled “The 101 Best Budget Tips.” At Significant Events, we always strive to save our clients money so that they leave their event with a sense of euphoria rather than buyer’s remorse! Here are a few of my favorite suggestions from Bridal Guide’s list:

1. Rent a Public Space for Your Event
Dallas and the surrounding suburbs have some beautiful public venues, including parks with gazebos, public buildings for rent, etc. Usually these venues rent for a small hourly fee (around $100.00 per hour) and don’t require a food and beverage minimum. You are allowed to bring in your own catering and often your own alcohol at these venues. Some of my favorites include Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake in Lakewood, Myers Park Event Center in McKinney, and Haggard Park in Plano. My only suggestion is to have a coordinator present! Most of these venues do not have a a facility manager on site and, if a problem arises, you will be on your own without an event coordinator present.

Haggard Park
Haggard Park

2. Do All of Your Photography Ahead of Time
Actually, this one isn’t on the Bridal Guide list, but it is one of my favorite tips! I know it is untraditional, but setting up a special moment for the bride and groom prior to the ceremony and doing all of the formal pictures before the ceremony, actually saves you time and money. Since the pictures will be completed, the bride and groom can arrive at the ceremony at essentially the same time as the rest of the guests and start dinner immediately. If the bride and groom have to stay at the ceremony for 30 minutes – 1 hour after their guests leave, they will have to provide appetizers and additional beverages for their guests.

3. Hold Your Event on a Night Other than Saturday
Not only will your venue charge a higher rate for a Saturday evening wedding, your DJ, photographer, and caterer probably will too, just to name a few. If your event will not have a lot of alcohol served and/or not alot of dancing intended, there is really not a reason to hold it on a Saturday night. An event during the daytime can also get by just serving hors d’ourves rather than a full meal, which will save money as well.

“To Hire a DJ or not Hire a DJ: That is the Question.”

When planning an event, specifically a wedding, two of the most important vendors you will hire are your photographer and your DJ. The photographer is never a difficult sell. The vast majority of clients realize the value of having a talented photographer present to capture the event and immortalize it in perfectly edited photographs forever. However, more often than not, it takes more than a little bit of persuading to convince my clients about the importance of hiring a professional DJ.

Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about DJ’s and some of the most common arguments I hear when deciding whether or not to hire a DJ:

1. “My venue has a sound system. I’m just going to load up an iPod with songs my guests will like and play the music.”
There is SO much more to being a great DJ than just playing music. If it was as simple as creating an iPod playlist and pressing “Shuffle,” everyone would be doing it. The DJ functions as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at your wedding. It is the DJ who is the voice of the wedding and lets the guests know the status of the evening’s activities, it is the DJ who keeps the “flow” going and who feels out the energy of the crowd to gage what type of music is currently appropriate to play, and it is the DJ who can almost solely affect the amount of fun your wedding will be (of course an open bar and dim lighting help as well….but that’s for another posting!). These tasks simply cannot be accomplished by an iPod. Playing the music is the smallest task the DJ has. Anyone with decent sound equipment can play music that is loud enough for a room full of people to hear, but to truly conduct the flow of your wedding reception…..that takes talent!

2. “I have a friend who has great sound equipment and can function as my DJ. I plan to hire him. We’re just going to create a contract and have him sign it.”
I won’t be redundant here and go into the aforementioned argument; however, I always advise against involving friends and family providing services for the wedding. A wedding, quite bluntly, carries far too much emotional pressure to put this burden on a close friend or family member with whom you would like to remain close! This is one of the most important days of your life. If that “friend” DJ does not perform to your expectations, the Maid of Honor’s floral arrangments didn’t quite come out like the pictures on The Knot that she showed you, Uncle Bob’s knowledge of capturing the right moments in photography and limited experience with Photoshop have left you with only 20 photos to choose from rather than 200, you are going to bear resentment towards that person for a very long time. It is too much pressure for you and for your friends and family, and it should be left to professionals who are emotionally detached from your day. And there are so many great event vendors who are happy to work with a tight budget, that the small extra fee you will pay for that professional DJ, in this case, will be well worth it in the end.

And along these same lines is the issue of a contract. Creating a piece of paper for your friend to sign does not constitute a legal document. A professional DJ will always have a legal contract for you to sign which protects you and your finances in the case the DJ fails to show up for the wedding or does not provide the agreed upon services. Another thing all professional DJ’s will have is liability insurance. What happens if your friend who is functioning as your DJ does not properly secure his cords and a guests trips over a cord and breaks a leg? That DJ can subsequently be held liable, and if he/she does not carry insurance, the next person getting sued is you. It’s just not worth it.

3. “I know someone who is a professional nightclub DJ. Can he/she serve as my wedding DJ?”
There are definitely DJ’s who function both as nightclub DJ’s and private event DJ’s; however, more often than not, they choose one role or the other. Chuck Johnson, Orlando, Florida area DJ and author of the book The Inside Secrets to Hiring a Wedding Reception DJ states, “You should be wary of hiring a club DJ who has never hosted a wedding. Their beat-mixing skills will be excellent, but a club is an entirely different story than a reception. A club DJ may have no idea how to MC your particular event, and may only be familiar with certain types of music.” Would you hire a band who specializes primarily in Country music to perform Disco hits at your event? Would you hire a food photographer to take your wedding photos? While these individuals function in the same type of profession, they have entirely different skill sets. It is the same with a nightclub DJ and an Master of Ceremonies.

My last piece of advice is to always give a professional DJ the chance to meet and speak with you about your wedding before making a decision. Their consultations are usually free of charge and they can help you make the most informed decision.


Ready to Blog!

I have finally decided to enter the world of 2009 and create a blog for Significant Events! The blog will discuss tips and tricks for creating a successful event, current happenings in the world of Significant Events, and random thoughts by Yours Truly. I’ll try my darndest to update it on a weekly basis. Enjoy!
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