Vanessa & Tanner’s Wedding Design

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Budget-friendly Idea: An Alternative to the Floral Bridal Bouquet

Most wedding planners hate to hear the idea of fake flowers in a bride’s bouquet. Not only do you lose the lovely scent of natural flowers, it’s very hard to pass off fake flowers as real. But we’ve discovered some more non-traditional ways to keep that floral budget low without having to resort to fake flowers, while still adding a unique feel to the wedding ceremony. From brooches to feathers – we’re loving these non-floral bouquets!


We absolutely love the “modern vintage” look that’s taking our weddings by storm! We’re transforming the classic, old-fashioned style of the early 1900s to fit modern day. Brides are featuring vintage pieces like bicycles and birdcages in their bridal portraits; we’ve found the perfect venues for that rustic, intimate setting, and have focused on each and every detail to bring the modern vintage feel to life. We’re opting for mason jars instead of the classic vase, brides are wearing birdcage veils instead of the traditional veil, and the bouquets have that hand-picked feel. The team at Significant Events was ecstatic when we made these modern vintage events come to life, and know each bride felt just like Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth. Classic Beauty!

Amanda and Matt’s Wedding Design

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Design Inspiration: chartreuse, plum, succulents, wooded setting, garden party, vintage, lovebirds