Sarah & Shaun’s Wedding

Dallas, TX

Sarah and Shaun’s wedding was held on a beautiful fall day in Dallas, TX. Guests entered the grand church up stone steps to be greeted by two colorful wreaths hanging on the church doors. Bridesmaids wore eggplant laced dresses and carried the most beautiful textured bouquets in a multitude of colors. Sarah’s bouquet was even more spectacular and full of color and beauty. Following the ceremony, guests were led down the street to a gorgeous sculpture garden that functioned as the site of our reception. Cocktails and hors d’ouerves were served under the trees around the fountains. The reception tables were covered in navy linens and had a variety of stunning colorful centerpieces atop them. The elegant look was made complete with natural wood chivari chairs and café lights that were strung overhead, giving the entire event a romantic glow. A delicious plated dinner was served before the cutting of the couple’s adorable cake, which looked like two cakes cut in half! Guests enjoyed dancing outdoors under the lights as well as being silly in the photo lounge all night long!

Photographer Allen Tsai Photography


"I suggest my hair and make-up artist to everyone. Starting with the hair and makeup trial, she was amazing. She was open to my ideas, but also gave suggestions on what she had seen work well in the past. She asked for my feedback several hours after the trial to make sure that my hair stayed well on the day of the wedding. She also put my mom at ease, which was a major relief as she is very particular about her hair and makeup. I was truly more worried about her than I was about me on the day of the wedding, but my artist worked wonders! She gave great feedback to her assistants as well, so everyone ended up looking great. In addition to the hair and makeup, she is an amazing mediator. I am equally as grateful for that as I am for amazing hair and make up that somehow did not budge or melt in the heat during first look photos. I thought for sure I was going to have to call her back before the ceremony, but it still looked flawless! Thanks!!!!!!….Our church coordinator was extraordinarily well organized and well versed in wedding ceremonies at the church. I know the ceremony went so well as a result of her planning and dedication. I was in touch with the church organist regarding music selection prior to making final decisions and he was extraordinarily helpful and had great suggestions…I have heard nothing but rave reviews about our reception venue and the food offered. Everything turned out exactly as expected and we were extraordinarily pleased with the reception setting and the food. The venue coordinators were very responsive via email and had great recommendations from many well planned past events. They were always willing to let us visit to show various people the venue (parents, groom, maid of honor, etc). The catering manager was also very available, provided great suggestions, and was willing to add/remove items from our event order. All the staff on the night of the wedding were perfect: they brought us water during first look photos, champagne and appetizers before we were announced, and were so attentive to our needs during the reception itself. I heard a lot of great comments on how the staff place and pick up the food for every person at each table simultaneously. Their attention to detail is certainly evident. I will always remember it as a perfect day….I love that my florist was willing to replicate something she had made for a prior event that I happened to find on Pinterest. She made changes to that bouquet based on what colors I liked and in what proportions, then was willing to scrap those changes when I didn’t like it as much as the original bouquet. She was very amenable to changes I wanted to make and had great ideas for alternate table arrangements. I got lots of comments on the flowers and was so thrilled with how they turned out. They are already the highlight of some of my favorite pictures….My DJ was the best. He seemed to understand the type of music we wanted to played at the wedding and was willing to run with that. He was a perfect MC for the reception and really engaged the guests. Shaun and I had a great time putting together the list of songs we liked and wish the reception had been longer so we could have heard more of them. The photo station was really fun; the attendant was great at working with the drunk people and made sure everyone had a good time…..Several people in the wedding party commented on how cool our photographer was. He and his assistant were great during first look photos and during the ceremony. They were both willing to adhere to the strict photography rules in the church, but made the most with what they had. He was especially accommodating with some intoxicated guests who were hell-bent on taking pictures with us at the end of the reception (thanks!). We were willing to pay a lot to have great wedding photos since beyond your actual memory of the day, that is your constant reminder of your wedding, and it definitely paid off!….Our cake bakery was amazing to work with. The initial cake tasting was so yummy and the cake designer had great ideas to personalize our cake. It was easy to change the number of servings and to arrange for the faux cake for the cutting. They were also really helpful in ordering the cakeballs. They assembled the boxes and sealed them with the stickers which saved us a lot of time and work…..Meredith, I have no idea where to start thanking you. I want to shout your name from all the rooftops of Dallas. I definitely recommend you to everyone. I was never sure if I needed a wedding planner until I started the initial planning; now I recommend you to everyone I know. I knew from the beginning that you were the best person I could have found to help plan our perfect day. I can’t imagine getting through all the planning without your assistance. I especially appreciate your super fast response via email and even more so via text for urgent issues. You were honest about things when you knew they wouldn’t work and provided alternatives that were actually feasible, which was an enormous help. You had a solution to every problem and a vendor for everything we needed. You were instrumental in making last minute changes and were a great resource in explaining expectations and how things actually work at events/weddings with vendors and guests. I felt completely comfortable leaving all the major day-of decisions to you and, even if it had rained, I know you would have made the best decisions for our reception. I would leave every decision on our wedding day to you 100x over. It was a major relief to not have to worry about anything on our wedding day. I have no doubt that you are the best at your job. Thank you for being the best wedding planner ever. I truly don’t think I can tell you how grateful I am. Hiring you was the best decision we made. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could not have asked for a more perfect day.
Sarah Rullo