ASD Healthcare Field Day

ASD Healthcare

Frisco, TX

ASD Healthcare wanted to have a fun-filled day for employees to cut loose and build team spirit, and we achieved this by creating a fun field day for them on a beautiful fall day. The participants arrived in special field day t-shirts and were checked in by our staff where they got a chance to enter a drawing for raffle prizes as well as receive their scorecard to register their scores at each activity station. Stations included a Football Obstacle Course with even inflatable Dallas Cowboys for the participants to tackle; a Football Tire Toss where they could earn points by throwing footballs through suspended tires; a Horseshoe Golf Station where they could earn points by putting into horseshoes; a Basketball Shooting Station to see how many baskets they could score in 1 minute; an Apple Stacking Station where they went head-to-head with another participant to see who could stack the most apples in 1 minute; a Wacky Relay where teams ran relay races with silly props; and a Hula Hoop Tic-Tac-Toe station where they tried to score points by throwing hula hoops over other participants in chairs! The participants had a blast with all of these activities as well as the “Dunk the Boss” tank that we had set up near the entrance. Hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks, and drinks were served, and medals were awarded at the end to the participants with the most points via our emcee who facilitated the entire event. It was a great event and one that left all of the participants smiling and excited to work for ASD!


"Our event was a great success! Meredith and her team made sure all facets of the event were taken care of. She helped offer suggestions on how to get people more involved, asked if I needed anything and how everything was going through out the event and even helped me break down some of my décor after the event was over. I would definitely recommend Significant Events to anyone and will use them again myself when/if the need arises. Thanks!!"
Juli Darnell
ASD Healthcare Marketing Manager