TritonDME’s 5th Anniversary Arabian Nights Extravaganza

Fairview, TX

To celebrate TritonDME’s 5th Anniversary, their CEO wanted an Arabian Nights themed party that guests would never forget! Guests arrived to the CEO’s private home clad in beautiful South Asian attire to be greeted by a camel in front of the photo Step-n-Repeat! Such a fun surprise! The grand house was accented with colorful uplights and patterned light projections to give it the appearance of an Arabian palace. A custom cut fuchsia carpet lined the serpentine walkway up to the draped front door where belly dancers performed as guests walked into the house. The interior of the house was decorated with beautiful fuchsia, green, and gold floral arrangements. Guests could make a stop at the henna station and get a custom henna temporary tattoo or at the fortune teller station to hear their fortunes! Another animal guest at the party was a roving monkey who was a favorite for guests while taking photos. The house was decorated so beautifully with Arabian draping, lounge groupings, linens, tents, and pillows in colorful and brilliant patterns as well as a gigantic decorative elephant! Delicious heavy hors d’oeurves were served before the cutting of the purple and gold bejeweled celebratory cake. A party band started the evening and then a DJ kept the tunes spinning and the party going. Hookah stations throughout the house and a photo booth provided extra fun late into the evening.

Photographer Victory Photography


“A BIG thank you to Meredith for putting everything together! You are an amazingly talented event planner and I’m so grateful we found you! You made it work even with the rain storm!”

Michelle Wilson