Service First Mortgage’s Company Rally

Plano, TX

For the second year in a row, Service First Mortgage has entrusted Significant Events to produce their Company Rally for 250 guests, and this year’s was the best ever! This company always has a fun spirit of competition between its various branches, so we came up with the idea to have each branch create its own centerpiece this year, and they had the best time making these! It was so fun to see each creation displayed on the tables at the event. Our emcee was a local improvisational comedian, who kicked things off getting the whole room laughing with each other. During the course of the afternoon, awards were presented to top producers as well as awards that reflected the company’s core values. A motivational “state of the company” address was provided by Service First’s CEO, followed by a moving charitable donation made by the company to a local charitable organization. Business expert Tim Sanders closed the presentation segment of the meeting with a topical presentation. Next a delicious buffet dinner and drinks were provided to the guests, as American Idol finalist Jason Castro played during dinner. Guests also had a blast with our flipbook station and can’t wait to see what next year’s rally holds!


This was our second time using Significant Events for our Company Rally, and we have been impressed and satisfied with turnout and the services provided in both occasions. Meredith is an excellent coordinator and our experiences with her have been great. Her recommendations helped make the process go smoothly. Meredith is a pleasure to work with!

Diana Gonzales
Service First Mortgage Corporate Recruiter