David’s Retirement Party

We worked with David’s wife Lisa to create a beautiful event celebrating David’s life and his decades of practice as an oral surgeon. We invited guests to the soiree by first designing an elegant invitation suite of laser cut lace jacket and metallic inserts through our invitation division: Significantly Said: Invitations By Significant Events. The party was held in a beautiful banquet space flanked by windows with the best views of downtown Dallas. Gorgeous bold colored floral in reds, purples, magentas, and greens accented the tables. A live musician sang and played guitar during guest arrival and dinner. David was delighted to see a fantastic cake sculpted in the form of many oral surgery items, including his office, made into a cake for all guests to admire and enjoy as dessert after their delicious dinner. Guests enjoyed reminiscing over drinks and through speeches and video of David and his life. It was a wonderful celebration for a wonderful man, and we were honored to be part of it!

Photographer John Livas Photography


I heard so many compliments on the food, and how beautiful the venue looked. Fantastic location, the skyline is beautiful. It delivered an upscale atmosphere that I expected and received. The staff was impeccable…. The flowers were gorgeous! There is no ambiance without flowers and candles. Because of the way the flowers were presented in bowls, many of my guests and I got to take flowers home to enjoy further. I loved the orchids and recognize fully the quality and value of the arrangements that were made….. I was given several choices of bakeries. I looked at their websites and recognized the works of ART and quality of the one we chose. They stood head and shoulders above the rest. The cake that was done was THE centerpiece of the party. I cannot express how fabulous that cake was, both inside and out. It was outstanding! That’s all I can say. People were just delighted by it and I will forever be grateful for what that cake added to David’s party…. Our photographer was both creative and professional. He was put to work from the beginning to the end with requests for photos by guests. He captured photos of all the guests and special moments at the party, and for that we are so thankful. He is such a nice man and didn’t hesitate to do what was requested of him…. There were sooooo many compliments on the invitations and in fact I have already referred a client to Meredith for an upcoming wedding. They were absolutely gorgeous and made an elegant statement when the guests opened them from the mail. I could not have asked for a more beautiful invitation. It will be treasured for years to come!...Meredith, I can’t say enough fantastic things about you. Every detail was flawless! You sent me a list of a few vendors, I researched that day or the next, I emailed you, and the invoices, contracts appeared, I signed and paid, done deal. It could not have been easier, and this was all during a terrible time in my life and I depended totally and completely on you and your vendors. I have so much on my mind now, but if you could express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone that participated I would appreciate it. Meredith and Co. were worth EVERY penny they asked. I hope I have expressed my undying gratitude and thankfulness to Meredith in person. I got Meredith’s info off the internet with no referral. I think it was divine intervention, seriously! The party was flawless. People are still talking about this event and it will gone down in history for our family. This party honored my husband and the love and compassion in the room were palpable. Meredith made this happen. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Meredith or to use her again and in fact I hope I get a chance to work with her again. I mothered her a little during our relationship because she takes her work so seriously and responds to needs, wants and desires instantaneously. Her work ethic is unparalled and the vendors that she works with are to be treasured. They went above and beyond expectations and were sooooo kind and sympathetic to our situation. They prayed for our family and that is a statement in and of itself. They were willing to participate in a party with a chance of cancellation at a moment’s notice. You can’t get better than that!
Lisa Banta