Themed Parties

For Dave’s Surprise 50th Birthday Party, we designed the entire party around his all time favorite band: The Beatles, specifically the famed Beatles’ “LOVE” show in Vegas! A modern venue in Dallas was transformed through custom lighting with a red and yellow color palette inspired by the LOVE logo with large scale balloons and gigantic Beatles albums suspended from the ceiling. A custom invitation and monogram was created using Dave’s name in place of LOVE and incorporated into the party as well. Tables were covered with brown spandex linens with custom Beatles’ centerpieces on each table. Lounge furniture with pillows with the party logo gave guests an additional place to sit and LED highboy tables accentuated the space in various places. Custom Beatles’ vinyls were adhered to the walls and enlarged and mounted pictures of Dave’s life were suspended from the ceiling as well for an art gallery feel. Valet parking got guests into the venue quickly and custom draping shielded Dave’s view from the party inside. When he arrived, guests screamed “Surprise!” as they shot confetti rockets overhead! An even bigger surprise for Dave, who is originally from Omaha, is we flew in an awesome Beatles’ tribute band from Omaha which was revealed from behind a curtained stage! Guests, decked out in 1960’s costumes, were served drinks by Flair Bartenders who juggled bottles and sexy waitresses in Sgt Pepper costumes! A fun photo station was a huge hit as well, as guests enjoyed donning silly wigs and mustaches for a photo take-away. And no birthday party is complete without an amazing custom birthday cake! We had one for Dave along with a diverse dessert buffet. A moving and hilarious tribute video was played as Dave’s family and friends took time to roast him. Such a fun night for Dave and his family and friends!