Bringing Out the Kid in All of Us!

Significant Events loves when we get to plan birthday parties! It’s even more fun when we get to take a traditional children’s party theme and transform it into something entertaining for adults. We recently had a client wanting to throw his wife a carnival-themed Surprise Birthday Party. The team at Significant Events welcomed the challenge and worked with the client to transform all the elements of a carnival-themed birthday party: a champagne sno cone station, fresh-popped popcorn with gourmet toppings, a topsy-turvy carnival cake – we brought in basically everything but the elephant!! To entertain the guests throughout the evening, a strolling comedian and magician played games with the guests, a Flipbook station was available where guests could dress up and act goofy for 6 seconds of filming, and a Real World style video confessional booth was set up where guests could tell their favorite stories and secrets about the Guest of Honor.

Some other options we’ve incorporated into our parties include featuring a cigar roller, offering poker and blackjack tables, raffles and silent auctions, and wine & food pairings.