Fight to Win’s “Colorado vs. Nebraska”

Denver, CO

Significant Events partnered with Fight to Win Promotions for their second Mixed Martial Arts show, “Colorado vs. Nebraska.” Over 2,000 spectators packed Denver’s Softball Country Sports Pavilion to watch 11 fights and displays of fantastic mixed martial arts skills, with each fight being a match-up between a Colorado fighter and a Nebraska fighter. As you can imagine, the crowd was energized supporting their respective home states! Food, drink, great music, and excitement filled the venue, and there was plenty of action and excitement for everyone from VIP’s to general admission. For those who could not attend, the fight was available to watch via live Pay Per View webcast! And the after party at Club Vinyl kept the fun going once the fights were over!


Thanks for putting on an awesome show. Truly top notch! One of the things that I was most appreciative of was the first time the crowd started booing fighters, they were told to stop or they'd be out and it never happened again. From a fighter's perspective, that's great. And that really added to making it a classy show....I loved the use of the ring! The visibility of every fight was awesome….Very well matched, competitive fights. I think almost half went to decision. That's rare, especially for amateur fights that tend to end in the first round….Congrats on a great show! A ton of camaraderie, great fights, and some unexpected results. Wow! What more could ya ask for?