Rave Reviews from Some of Our Favorite Vendors!

“I have worked with Meredith Commender, owner of Significant Events of Texas, on many events. She is extremely organized and thorough. She is one of the few planners who actually gives my team a timeline well in advance of the wedding and notifies us of changes so we can plan accordingly. She is extremely Type A which is great when hiring someone to plan. You won’t have to stay on her about things needing to get done. She is great with handling any hiccups, but more importantly she is good at handling those hiccups without having to bother the bride and groom and their families. She has a good feel for what her clients want and how they would want something done, and so she troubleshoots while you get to party. I have worked with her on a number of cultural events. For as many events as she has done, she has a really good feel for cultural influences and the inherent challenges that come with different backgrounds. A great example is a Chinese wedding we had together a few months ago, the bride and groom’s parents both loved ballroom music and had a list of about 20 songs they wanted to hear. The bride and groom wanted to party to Top 40 music, so Meredith put together a timeline that allowed the formal activities to finish early enough for the ballroom dancing to happen while the bride and groom did went table to table and toasted with their guests (very common in Asian cultures). It worked out perfectly- the families felt honored and respected by getting the priority their culture demands but the bride and groom got to party for almost 2 hours with their friends. Meredith Commender is also one of the most honest people that I know, and where that is important is she will tell you the truth and what you need to know rather than what you need to hear. She will tell you where you should prioritize your money, and when you are wasting your money on an idea that won’t translate well to your wedding. With weddings, people can get sucked into it being “your special day” so they are afraid to tell you no or that something is a bad idea- and sometimes you need people to tell you the truth so you don’t throw good money at a bad idea. For example, Meredith has saved a number of my clients money by not overbuying seats at the reception, simply by having a honest discussion about head counts and no-shows. Meredith will be truthful with you and allow you to make educated decisions. If you hire Meredith, you will know that you are getting 100% from her and that she is committed to your night being unforgettable.”
Glenn Roush
Owner/DJ/MC – Glenn Roush Entertainment & LeForce Entertainment

“First, let me start off by saying that I could write a novel telling all of the amazing things about Meredith Commender and her work as a wedding planner and owner of Significant Events of Texas. Every time we have worked with Meredith, her professionalism and diligence never cease to impress me. She is detail-oriented, organized and assertive – all while still being kind and personable. Being a photographer and seeing the “behind the scenes” of a wedding, I have witnessed Meredith deal with situations that have come up, and handle them with grace and tenacity. And she can take care of any issues without the bride and groom, family, or guests noticing any hiccups. Not only does Meredith make the couple’s day perfect, she keeps all the vendors organized and informed. She is like a coach of an all star wedding team! We worked together recently for a wedding that incorporated a couple and their families’ cultures of Vietnamese heritage, and Catholic religion. There was a lovely tea ceremony in the morning, followed by a Catholic ceremony in the afternoon. The entire day was flawless, and every element of the wedding day was perfection. She organized a timeline for the day so each element (both Vietnamese and Catholic) were equally important and recognized. She was also well aware of certain traditions that occur, and relayed this to all vendors it impacted to ensure every moment was captured on photo and video, and the music was right, etc. You are in the best of hands when hiring Meredith Commender. I have worked with several coordinators, and not one can measure up to Meredith’s work ethic, organization, communication and flawless execution. And to top it off, she has a great sense of humor and a big heart. She is the TOTAL package!”
Stefanie Hampton Morrow
Owner/Photographer – Hampton Morrow Photography