Stephanie’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party

For Stephanie’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party, Significant Events took the traditional carnival theme and transformed it from a kid’s party to an adult carnival spectacular! A custom digital invitation and logo created a great buzz for guests before the party even started! During the party itself, we offered fun carnival themed stations such as a gourmet popcorn station with a variety of toppings as well as a Champagne Sno Cone station that guests couldn’t get enough of! Stephanie’s favorite local barbecue was served, and who could forget the cake at a birthday party! A gorgeous topsy-turvy cake was served, which guests couldn’t stop taking pictures of! To entertain the guests throughout the evening, a strolling comedian and magician played games with the guests, a Flipbook station was available where guests could dress up and act goofy for 6 seconds of filming, and a Real World style video confessional booth was set up where guests could tell their favorite stories and secrets about Stephanie. The entire look and feel of the party was fun, colorful, and entertaining!