Alexandra and Austin’s Wedding on

A year after a coworker introduced Alexandra and Austin (who both worked for the same company but in two different cities), the pair bumped into one another for a second time and quickly formed a friendship that led to much more. Just over a year after they became a couple, the pair stopped at a winery for a private tasting and tour while on a drive to Galveston, Texas, for what Austin said was a family function. There, Austin led Alex out to the middle of the vineyard and got down on one knee to propose. “The coworker who introduced us was one of my bridesmaids, of course!” says Alex.

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Brittany and Richard’s Wedding on

Brittany and Richard often ran into each other while studying at Texas A&M University — she was studying to be a physician’s assistant while he was in medical school. After two years of taking the same classes (and even being paired up as lab partners!), Richard finally asked Brittany out for coffee. A year after that, on May 29, 2014, Richard asked Brittany to be his wife while visiting a local winery for their anniversary. “He made me the luckiest girl in the world when he asked me to marry him,” the bride says.

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