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Vintage Wedding by Significant Events of Texas

It’s time for today’s pretty parade to make a little pit stop in Texas for a rainy day, vintage celebration by Significant Events of Texas and Capture Studios. A marvelous mix of bold colors and a rustic vibe, this fabulous fete is like sunshine on a cloudy day. You can’t go wrong with a little sunshine of that sort, so be sure to soak up the full gallery of lovely images. It’s the SMP version of vitamin D.

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Lee Elizabeth Ferguson & Naser Nayeb on DWeddings

Lee was working part-time at a cigar shop over the holidays and Naser was a regular customer. The pair struck up a friendship and remembered one another when their paths crossed again five years later. Naser noticed Lee and a friend chatting in one of the cigar shops he owned and asked Lee to join him for dinner at Javier’s. They became close friends over the next few years and finally found themselves in love. With Lee constantly traveling as a flight attendant, they didn’t get to see one another much so she left the airlines to work for Naser’s company full time. They were engaged shortly after and set out to plan a wedding to remember.

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Significant Events of Texas has been published on Junebug Weddings in Saba and Sayed’s Real Wedding Feature!

Featured on “What Junebug Loves!”

Saba and Sayed’s sophisticated Desi wedding combined vibrant, rich Pakistani and Bangladesh tradition with American elegance, and Belo Mansion was a perfect venue for the wedding’s grand decor and lighting. Shaun Menary photographed the wedding’s gorgeous details exquisitely. You’re going to love the colors, emotions, and gorgeous portraiture of this wedding.

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